Advice needed on item (Summer Dance Pop)

Hello friends,

I am really not sure about this, so I would like to ask all you experienced music producers if this one will fit for approval on AJ?

Thank you so far!


It seems to me that the track is not completely finished. Poor balance of loudness (especially for drums), EQ. In the main part 2 synths play 2 different melodies with different voices, this creates confusion. I’m certainly not a reviewer, but it seems to me that in this form the track would not have been approved

Hey Lemonello, thanks for your feedback and for listening to the track. So do you think its mainly a matter of panning and leveling on the drums? Or does it need more compression work? And better go with just one melody in the main part to avoid confusion?
Thanks mate!!

I think that the main problem of the mix is the drums. Kick sounds muddy, too many “lows”, Snare strongly lacks brightness and clarity. Because of this, the whole mix suffers. It’s worthwhile to work hard on the timbre, some instruments sound pretty cheap, maybe you need to change samples or a library.