Upload Processing Issue

Hi guys, Did anyone experience the Infinite Upload Processing Problems right now? I’m waiting the process to complete but it has been 15 minutes now but nothing happen, try to re-connect my internet, re-login envato, re-open browser and use different browser from chorme to firefox but the result is the same.

Try FTP. Much faster: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202500674-How-to-upload-using-FTP

I already upload the main file and preview file and already appear on the form page (upload page) , the problem is the submit button, it still processing.

Similar thing happened me last night when I was uploading. After a while of the upload processing it went back to the upload page and my files were not there and I needed to upload again. Maybe not related but just to throw it in if there is a problem.

I have sort things out, At last 3 hours figuring out what happens , reupload and the problem has been solved now.

Yes, I had the same problem earlier today. It is working now.

Worked ok about 40min ago.