Item uploading problem from ThemeForest


I have problem when I trying new upload. Its said

The upload processing timed out.

This may happen because of a temporary backend issue, or because the files being uploaded are too big or numerous for our system to quickly process.

Please try reducing the size/number of preview screenshots or try again later. If the issue persists, please contact Envato Help.

Anyone know what’s wrong here?

I’ve had issues with item updates too. So I opened a ticket, best bet is to do the same as it says: [quote=“SimilarIcons, post:1, topic:71375”]
If the issue persists, please contact Envato Help.

Thanks for reply. Its very interesting because when I refresh my dashboard its show under “Currently processing uploads” section. I mean its already uploaded. I think there is a big bug. Envato need to fix it.

Yup I believe something’s wrong, but I guess they are working on it, and if not it’s still best to open a ticket to alert them.

Facing same issue. Hope team envato will fix that issue soon.

I’m having the same problem, please help

I am facing same issue in 2021. :confused:

@joy2012bd you can try with FTP

If you want you can open/create a thread about your item upload issue.
This thread is 4 years old.
I that case i have make it close!