Upload issue

Hello Envato Team,

I am unable to upload items. It stays on processing and is not progressing further. Please check.


Hi, Yes I’m having the same issue.

I also :frowning: problem processing upload my design .psd themeforest.

Same issue here. I’m trying to send an update of one of my themes. The zip files were uploaded without issues. But I’m unable to submit the form. I receive a timeout error after 5-10 minutes.

same issue

Same Problem :expressionless:

Something solution?

No solution yet.

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thanks, wait more hours I think. :frowning:

Same :expressionless:

Yes, it is still not working…


After 5-10 minutes from submit it message :frowning:

Same here for updating items

Edit: Apparently back to normal for me!

the same issue…

Hello Envato. Does anyone have any information about this issue? I haven’t been able to update an item today. I’ve tried on and off for about five hours. Pressing “Save” changes the status to “Processing” but nothing happens and I eventually get the timeout message.

Analytics doesn’t work, either, which I suppose is probably connected somehow. Trying to check analytics results in “something went wrong.”

Maybe they don’t understand me, I will remove my explain thanks.

anyone from envato team please update us about this issue

@KingDog @charlie4282

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Heya! I’ll ask around and see what’s up. Thanks!

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I sent a message on facebook to the envato page about that issue :innocent:

Hey Folks,

@KingDog let the engineers know about the issue a few hours ago and they now believe it has been resolved.

Please let us know if you’re still experiencing any issues :slight_smile:

  • Matt
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