Updating / editing item stuck at "Processing"

Has anyone had problems today trying to update or edit an item? I’m able to upload the files and assign them to “Main Files” and “Audio Preview”, but pressing “Save” changes the button to “Processing”, where it stays. Never completes the process.

I have closed and restarted the browser and cleared the browser cache. Getting the same results when I try to edit the item. Stops at “processing.”

Same to me. Trying from 2 hours. Changed browser but no luck.

Thank you for posting. At least that tells me that I’m not the only one having this issue.

same here… what happen?

Same thing with analytics. It won’t work. Does anyone know how long it’s gonna take?

Same problem here

Envato team member replied.

Same problem here. Idem dito. Also problem with Analytic.

Envato Team @matthewcoxy