Upload issue

Its resolved. Thank you.

hi have a up load problem kepp getting

(You must indicate you have suitable licenses / ownership of the content you’re uploading) can anyone tell me where to find this please

Underneath the Message to the Reviewer field there is a checkbox. Tick it if you agree to what it says, if you don’t agree then you can’t and shouldn’t upload your item to Envato.

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hithanks for that I have checked that box but where you up load the files is just a black box and the drop down boxes are empty any sugestions please i have been trying to upload since yesterday its driving me mad!!

JUst getting

Thumbnail is requiredInline
Preview Image is required
Main File(s) is required
Preview Screenshots is required

but there is nothing in the drop down box and where it say files there is a black box ??

There seems to be an issue on your end, since I can see the upload button on Chrome. Have your tried different browser?

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thak for the reply i am currently using firefox but i will try another browser hopefully this will correct it :slight_smile:

hi changing the browser has let me see the upload buttons, but now when i try and upload a file i am just getting error

hi changing the browser has let me see the upload buttons, but now when i try and upload a file i am just getting error

What error do you get? What does it say?

hi thanks for the reply, the message i keep getting is just error when i try and upload any file it does not get passed 0% when uploading its driving me MAD !!! arghhhh i have tried different browsers and they are all the same

What is the extension of the file you’re trying to upload? and what is its size? and to which marketplace are you trying to upload?

Thanks for you help on this @OsamaSayegh

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Thank you Matthew! Always glad to help :smile:
Great tour yesterday by the way :ok_hand:

Bahahaha glad you enjoyed :smiley:

You’ll have to come visit us sometime.

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Sure thing! I’d absolutely love to meet you guys someday! Just imagining that drives me crazy.

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Do I can remove my update because not come email problem processing tuesday past? and I upload again resubmit. please help me, thanks.

Not working again

+1, update is stuck on Processing too… impossible to update right now.

Same issue here. Is this going to be fixed?