Problems with Item Upload

Hey Guys! Hope everyone has a great day.
Today I faced a problem with my item Upload. I seems like Preview and Zip file upload constantly crushing and restarting again (I already checked my internet connection =) ) Also I already using FTP client, but the same thing happens. Am I the only one with this kind of problem?

I can upload (via FTP) without a problem, but when I submit the track, it gets stuck on ā€˜processingā€™.

I have issue with processing, upload is working fine, but when I click submit page freezes.


Item appeared in schedule, but page is still stuck

Me too, upload is not working!

++, not uploading!

Same problem. Stuck on ā€œProgressingā€¦ā€ button. And nothing else happensā€¦

Same problem. Canā€™t upload item for 4 hours already.

Same problem. Does not work.:sob:

Same problem. Stuck on processing

UPD. Error when uploading ā€œupload timeoutā€. But new item has appeared in dashboard. I hope files are fine.

The same here. Stuck on processing.

Same problem here :roll_eyes:

Same problem. Does not work. Try for 6 hoursā€¦

The same here.

I canā€™t upload too!
Not from the site, not from even through the FTP :no_entry_sign:

Yes tried both ways and seems to get stuck on ā€˜processingā€™.

Check your ā€œCurrently processing uploadsā€. Despite the ā€œprocessingā€ bug, the tracks appear on currently processing uploads

And then it does appear a few hours later in the queue!