Problem with upload?

Does anybody have a problem with uploading, I can not upload music pack

and still :weary:
I tried in Chrome and Mozilla

The upload processing timed out.
This may happen because of a temporary backend issue, or because the files being uploaded are too big or numerous for our system to quickly process.
Please try reducing the size/number of preview screenshots or try again later. If the issue persists, please contact Envato Help.


Same problem here…

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Thank you for answer! Hope it will fixed in quick time :slight_smile:

all good , I use Opera and Safari )))

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Thank you, I will try again. Unfortunately, the previously uploaded files are gone :frowning:

I’ve experienced the same issue, but my upload appears in “Currently processing uploads”, so I hope that it is submitted correctly.

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thank you! I try again now

Thanks to all, worked well!
However, the upload page is not updated after the successful test, but track can be seen in the Dashboard tab :rolling_eyes: