Upload new item. Last one was rejected.

I’m new in CodeCanyon.
Someone told me I could send sone program in CodeCanyon to make money ! Interresting… I immediately got dollars in the eyes !
First try. I created an account. First problem. I’m french and in wage portage (I make my own business but i’m affiliated to a company that pays me and do administrations things). How to subscribe then ?
I asked my wage portage company for a dedicated account bank. (5€/month).
Then I tryed uploading a basic PHP program : Dump. A program to nicely show data with many further informations, for debugging.
Problems :

  1. No wysiwyg editor neither preview for description
  2. For the online demo, they ask for a index.html file, but I need a index.php file.
  3. No possibility to install and test the demo online. And what about database needs ?
  4. For the demo link, I need to buy a website just to place the demo ?
    After uploading, I got no answer…

Second try. GmailService. An inline application to manage gmail mails (show, search, create, answer, transfert…) using gmailApi.
This time, I got an answer : “unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again”.
No further information about the reason : a description problem, a presentation problem, a code quality problem, … ?

I’ve still an idea for a third try, but I wouldn’t like to work for a new reject.
The program would be a “Things list” : a list of anything, that we can manage (create, edit, suppress), share and view. I’ve developped that in Préparation de listes de chants, présidences | jemaf.fr but I could make it standard with a simple form.
What should I do for this program is accepted ?

Thanks in advance.

I doubt you will be able to setup for that company to be paid as authors ‘do not work for envato” and are effectively self employed. Also all your iD and tax info etc needs to match to your information so again this could be complicated. Your best option is to ask Envato Author Support

In terms of your items that you want to sell - I think you need to familiarise yourself with the type of things already for sale and the process and requirements needed.

It’s not just about the code etc - items need to be presented in a premium way with the right demos and be the type of thing that offers value to buyers and that people would pay for.

For example on your third idea would definitely be rejected:

  • the demo has to be in English
  • the design of the website is not great
  • there are numerous free and premium apps out there that do this type of list functionality so you need to make sure you are offering something that makes your stand out

For reference - all items have to be submitted correctly, have working demos where applicable, have documentation files etc etc

If your submission is close but not quite there then you get soft rejected and will get feedback

If it is a long way off the standards, doesn’t have the right submission eg no demo or documentation then it’s hard rejected and you will not get feedback

Thanks for your answer.
The dollars are leaving my eyes…

This is a premium marketplace - the standards are one of the things that set them apart.

Success comes from investment in ensuring you have the right experience and skill set, the necessary time to create a file that meets the standards and demand of the marketplace etc.

Unfortunately, being too driven by the earning potential and speed to achieve that is probably the worst possible position to put yourself in

Actually, I work for money…

Another try this week, after days and weeks of work. Demo is here : https://webmail.lamoi-ch.fr/
Automatic answer : “we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again”. No help for beginners !

This is not place to earn money … they take 37% from purchase then u will have to pay 18% tax in ur country… so its just a dream to make money here… And u can not keep your price high else no one will buy.

  • if you have no licence management of ur own your script will be hosted somewere for free to downalod. Codecanyon do not protect distribution of ur project after download :slight_smile:
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Another marketplace is better ?

Earning is not as easy as it used to be (not an exclusive issue to envato but:

  • 37% commission is better than most other marketplaces.

  • If you are not evading income tax then everyone has to pay local tax regardless of where they sell an item.