My Item (php) rejected. Please help.

Hello Dear Envato Community.
I need your support. I uploaded a new script (CMS), which was rejected by the team envato.

Please read the email you sent me:
This item has a great idea behind it but I’m afraid this functionality’s niche has been sufficiently filled by a number of other great items here on CodeCanyon and elsewhere on the web and I think we’re reached a point of saturation. At this point, we’re only looking for unique variations of this feature: for another one to be approved it would have to have a couple of unique features that differentiate it from what ’s already available.

Unfortunately, I feel your item, in its current state, looks and behaves in a rather generic manner. With more unique features, I’d definitely be happy to take another look at this.

I did everything step by step, as required by envato. But still not approved it.
For those who will help me, I’m willing to give him $ 10.

Please Help Me.

Thank you All!

Hi Richi !

Yes i am willing to help you out if possible can you please share the code and details so that i can check. Will do the necessary changes and will upload again on your behalf. Pleasecontact via email and i will help you out.

Also one more thing did you uploaded a valid documentation of the product in the prescribed way as mentioned by codecanyon support team !! Did you get any further email from their side !!

is it a soft reject or a hard reject (does support team mentioned in email that we have rejected your item totally or you can again reinstate by doing the prior changes at product.)

Hi @promotionking

This is an old topic, if you look at the date in the right slider at the top-right corner of the beginning of the topic, you can see it’s from 16 July 2016.

Also, please note that according to Community Guidelines, self promotion is not allowed in the forums (A Note on Self-promotion):

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Hi Moderator…

Really apologize and wasn’t aware of that. Won’t share link to portfolio