My code got hard rejected

Hello fellow forum members,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing this post to seek some guidance and assistance regarding the recent rejection of an item I submitted to Codecanyon. The item in question is a PHP script developed using the Laravel framework, designed as a talent recruitment website for companies. Despite providing comprehensive installation documentation and a detailed description, the item unfortunately received a hard reject from Envato.

I have taken the time to ensure that the item’s documentation is complete and user-friendly, and the description accurately highlights its features and functionalities. To provide a better understanding of the item, I have set up a demo that you can access at using the following credentials:

I would greatly appreciate it if any of you could spare a moment to visit the demo and provide some constructive feedback on what might have led to the rejection. Perhaps there are aspects I overlooked or potential improvements that could be made to enhance the item’s quality and appeal.

Additionally, if any of you have faced similar challenges or have successfully navigated the submission process on Codecanyon, I would be grateful to hear about your experiences and any insights you can share.

Thank you all for your time and consideration. Your assistance would not only help me understand the reasons behind the rejection but also aid in improving the overall quality of the item for potential future submissions.

Looking forward to your valuable input.

Not sure about the code quality but the design is too generic/old to be approved as an premium item.

Lacks a premium vibe. Based on the homepage, I can say your item only has basic features. When you sell on CodeCanyon, you should be ready to compete with other authors in terms of features and design. You will have to rewrite the entire thing if you want to get approved.