Seeking Assistance for My Item Rejection on CodeCanyon

Dear Community,

I am in need of some guidance and assistance regarding the rejection of my script on CodeCanyon. The rejection came as a “Hard Reject,” but unfortunately, the reviewer did not provide any specific reasons for the rejection. I have been diligently trying to understand the cause of this rejection, and I’d like to share my situation with you in the hopes of finding some insights.

Demo Link:

The issue I’m facing is that the reviewer did not provide any rejection notes, and when I checked the webserver logs to identify the problem areas they might have encountered, I found no errors or issues logged. Strangely, I noticed that there was empty log data when the reviewer supposedly visited my project. This has left me perplexed because I believe the reviewer might not have thoroughly examined my project, yet it was rejected without any valid reason.

I am truly baffled by this rejection, especially when I see numerous projects on CodeCanyon that appear to be of lower quality or less value than mine. It’s frustrating not to receive constructive feedback to help me improve my item.

I would be immensely grateful if anyone from this community could provide assistance or insights into what might have caused the rejection of my project. Your experience and expertise could be invaluable in helping me address any potential issues and resubmit my item successfully.

Thank you in advance for your time and support.

WebAccess Log In attach

Best regards,
KodePixel Team


Am I correct in saying that this is similar to a newsletter system like send in blue? Or at least along those lines?

To me it looks okay but then I have just looked around the admin area a bit - when you submitted the item to Envato did you make sure you had sent everything they needed, including documentation?

They probably deal with lots of submissions every day, and although my answer does not help you, this might be the time when the reviewer clicked Reject.

Appearance and design looks great, and I like the colour scheme etc.
I have not delved into the complete functionality of your product, nor tested its compliance as well as safety but I would be tempted to ask the reviewer to expand on their rejection.

Yes, I submitted a comprehensive package that included a video document, an HTML document, a preview image, a detailed item description, an item support system for buyers, and I also elaborated on 30% of the project details within the item description.

This screenshot is taken from my VPS after visiting my item demo website, I can see the log, but there is no log during my item review which means no one has entered my demo