Suggestion for Item Approval

Expert users.

I am a php developer and already started working on a php project in laravel and want to upload here to Codecanyon.

Project will be a laboratory management system more like testing and research…

Wanted some suggestion what are the points i should take care while working on and during upload of the item to Codecanyon.?

I have checked general terms of Codecanyon, but still wanted to know how i can avoid item rejection from Envato?

Thanks in advance

That is a very specific and niche purpose which raises two questions:

  1. Is a stock marketplace really suitable for that type of item? Would people really be looking here for something for that purpose? Are there not serious data considerations that need adhering to?

  2. This massively limits your potential customer base so working through the process will have significantly limited sales potential.

You might be better off considering a more general use and broadly appealing item