Item rejected - Need feedback

Hi all,

Submitted in the PHP Scripts/Shopping Cart category, the item has been rejected in 30 minutes. It doesn’t meet the Envato quality standard requirements.
Let me know what you guys think and feel free to suggest ways it could be improved.

The project: Turn an existing Website into a business tool by adding Buy Buttons. The Buy Buttons can be placed everywhere allowing customers to buy from you on different websites, social media or through email. Behind the Buy Buttons we offer a cart page, a checkout process and a complete back office.

Demo: – Removed

Back Office: – Removed
Password: demo

I would highly appreciate your criticisms and suggestions.

see other shopping php script in codecanyon , you can understand difference between your script and uploaded scripts. :slight_smile:

You need to improve many things.


Thank you for your answer. The submitted item is a script like others scripts in the submitted category. It includes a shopping cart and a checkout process that can be placed on any existing website “understanding” php. It also includes a backoffice where in short you can manage products, orders, customers and create Buy Buttons.
Of course all these files are ready to be uploaded.
Let me know. Do I missed something? :thinking:

That much? :slight_smile:

Can you be more specific?

Wow what a creative suggestion. Why didn’t anyone think of that


I agree. As Envato usually do, gamedon leave you guessing.
Anyway, any helpful tips will be welcome.

Ok we learned a lot about how to treat business contributors as bushies while remaining polite.
We have spent enough time and effort with a deaf & mute company so I give up.
We tried our best. It’s time now to move above and beyond and explore other avenues.
All the best.