Updating Purchased Theme

Hello there everyone, most specifically staff. I had a web designer create a website/hosting for my business and to make a long story short he was a bad web designer. He created most of the site which was good but after he was paid he basically stopped caring. The good news is that he gave me the login and password to have control of both my wordpress and my hosing service. I have since then changed the passwords to them.

The only issue that I have now ran into is that he purchased this theme from his themeforest account and from what is is looking like, this is the way to update a theme to the newest version. Is their a way I can get around this and still download the update? It’s for the HOOD multi-purpose theme.

I haven’t talked to him in a very long time but last time, but I heard from him he was very hostile to me. Because of this I do not want to re-contact him to get the login and password to his theme forest account (which he probably won’t give to me anyways) in order to download the update file.

Is there a way that I can update my theme without being in contact with him? Would the theme author be able to help me with this? Thanks!

Hi @cleanupcrew, if the theme license was purchased by the web designer through their own Envato Market account and they’ve then set up the site for you, the only way to receive the updated version of that theme is either by getting in touch with them, or purchasing a new license to the same theme through your own Market account. The theme author will not be able to assist you, since there is no way to verify your purchase.

Alright, so when I purchase the theme I will just download the new version on my wordpress site then click update to new version?

With purchasing the theme, you gain access to the latest available update, via your Envato Market Downloads section. Included with this download is the theme documentation, which should cover the respective theme’s update process. Depending on how the theme was originally set up, updating may or may not impact existing content, so it’s always advised to make a backup before updating, just to be safe. You can contact the author of the theme for additional guidance before proceeding, either through the comments section or the support tab on the item page. Hope this helps :slight_smile: