Purchase Code

Hello. I have this template (MultiNews) on my website. I asked a company to make me the website. However, it closed and I was left without access to the account to be able to update the site. Can you help me? Thank you

You will have to buy your own license. If you can’t make that company to update it for you, then there is no other way.

OK thank you. Then buy the license … just then download the uptades?

You can use Envato Market plugin for that:

Thank You. :slight_smile:

Sorry. However, a doubt arose. If I update the theme to the most current version, can I lose any possible changes made to the code?

if you have made customization in the parent theme then you will lose your customization work. but if made customization in the child theme then I think there will not be any issue and your customization will be safe. But you should contact your purchased theme author and ask them about it, they are the right team to let you know because they know well what chnages has made in the update version. Thanks