Updating a client theme that another developer purchased

Another web developer worked on my client’s site at first, and I inherited the administration of the site. He sent me the License Certificates for the theme and plugin he purchased and installed from Envato, so I have the Item Purchase Codes and Item IDs. How do I configure the Envato plugin on Wordpress so that I can update the theme and plugins to the latest versions? I can obviously not use my Envato account to create tokens as I did not purchase these items.

Unfortunately, a purchase code won’t be enough for the Envato Market plugin to download the theme or its updates. If you do not have access to the account which bought it, then that plugin isn’t going to work for you.

Some themes have their own update system that you can often activate through a purchase code, but with the advent of the market plugin, this is becoming more rare. If your theme doesn’t have such a system, then your only options would be to get updates from the original web developer, or to have your client purchase the theme on their own account.

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ok, thank you! Although that makes things rather difficult for the client… but I understand.

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