Access to my theme updates

My web developer purchased the listingpro theme with his account. He is no longer responding to my emails. Is there anyway I can get access for updates? I have the purchase code and item ID. What can I do?


I think here is no way cause you have to get file from your developer or you have to purchase a license.
Still any query get in touch with envato support team they would like to assist you.


@unlockdesign This is awful. I sent a request to the support team. Based on comments in other questions on this forum I’m not confident they will respond. I hope that I’m wrong.

As my opinion envato market system will not known you then know who purchased that item.
That is the matter.
I hope support team will give you official answer.

Well, I have the purchase code, item ID, his name, wordpress info and of course my website info. This update is critical it fixes the problem of adding photos. I hope they can do something.

You can’t update the theme without having an access to the account with which it was purchased. If you want to solve this as quickly a possible, then just buy your own license. Otherwise you will be only running in circles and prolonging the inevitable - buying your own license.

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