Update on Queue Wait Times - Feb 2016

Hi everyone,

Blake and James from the Quality team here to provide some review queue updates.

Average review wait times on ThemeForest, AudioJungle and PhotoDune are longer than normal due to changes in team resources and content growth. We are actively working toward getting things back to normal, though some changes, such as unexpected content growth or team changes are harder to resolve quickly.

http://quality.market.envato.com provides a rolling 7 day average turnaround per site, category and item state, which is pretty reliable in most authors’ cases. Occasionally items will have exceptional cases that requires additional wait time while we investigate, test or consult further.

Much of our current delays are due to content growth that requires additional team resourcing, which is actively underway (keep in mind, however, recruiting, hiring and training new reviewers takes a little time).

Thanks for your patience and understanding everyone!


Thanks For the update

You are saying this from last year. :frowning:

Your little became more than half a year, if I’m not mistaken…

that would be great to have transparency in what has been done and tat we see that there are some newcomers in review teams. Even if we can understand all this, this is also a bit difficult to understand how the queuing is varying this much … a short while ago, it took 2 days , now that’s 7 and the problem is that people more and more have to rely on newly approved items to sell so a queuing of over 4 or 5 days is not a good news …

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Keep in mind that there are a LOT of authors with a growing backlog of tracks not yet uploaded because of ‘Algorithmgate’.

The do-do’s gonna hit the fan when they all decide to upload.

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How can you say 8 days for WP themes, sorry? What is that, an estimation? I submitted a WP theme 13 days ago, and I’m still waiting for the first review. Not a big problem, but just to clarify

Thanks for the update, Hope things back to normal soon.

I was wondering why my resubmission took 7 days to review :smiley: I hope things get back to normal soon. Thanks for the information.

I suggest you also change reviewers and hire good ones :laughing:

lol it will not affect all people, as i am in GR personally lol, and honestly , u know that’s the same in every marketplace indeed, in GR we see this much with guys uploading illustrations, sometimes they come up with tens on them at the same time and u can get approved and turn out to be seen in page 5 in a few seconds lol

I submitted a WP theme 18 days ago, and I’m still waiting for the first review.

I hope you get the delay issues addressed soon. I am experiencing 20+ days in order to get a track reviewed for audiojungle

quality.market says 3 days for GR, i’ve uploaded an item 6 days ago and still nothing. I don’t want to start believe Envato is getting worse and worse…