Is review queues really 2 days? ( Can any Envato staff check? )

I have checked review queues time.

WordPress new items : 2 days.
Resubmissions : 2 days.

Is that this much quick?
I mean the data is correct in the review queues page? It used to be more than 20 ~ 30 days. 2 days is a bug or mistake? ( I know there was before )
Can any mods check it out?

Thank you,

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Your patience wait maybe today come email if not come email patience wait more days but I think that no many days.

Good Luck.

What you mean? you mean it’s that fast? it used to be more than 20 days. But it’s only 2 days. I mean the data is correct in the review queues page?

It’s probably correct. A few days ago there was another topic here related to that. The review queue was 5 days then and a couple of authors had told that their themes had been reviewed in 5 days really.

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It’s really good news, but could someone elaborate more on this, since it’s a serious drop in review time. Recently I remember reading posts of authors complaining their theme being held more than a month for review. HTML also went down from almost 30 days to 15. Is it because they have less work with muse ?

Yes that’s true, I got response for one of my items after less than 2 days and for resubmissions I got response after few hours.

It seems like the review team is doing a miracle here :sunglasses: