Unfair rejection decision

In January or february I uploaded a AE project, which was hardly rejected
Now almost the same project is approved… Why???
My rejected project - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5d1AoSUd70
Similar approved project - https://videohive.net/item/clean-logo/20658965?s_rank=30

I understand that my project should be finished with few touches, color corrections + a bit more, but it’s not the reason for hard rejection…

I think it is fair because yours is static and ball materials are kinda basic.
The one on a similar project has nice glossy materials + camera animation.
It’s a shame you gave up on your project because it needed just a little bit for approval.
Now, of course, it is late since there is a better version of that kind of project. Never give up man.

Like I wrote, everything You mentioned are for soft rejection!
Hard rejection is when in general everything is bad
Better camera movement? Or diffrent material? All these changes for soft rejection :confused:

Did you also send the same 3 seconds long preview? Either way, the other guy made a nice preview with color change and just sells it better. He didn’t give a reviewer chance for a rejection.

I did few changes, but after reuploading it - envato team send me a message, that if I will be sending same idea AE project, I will be banned!
There suppose to be significant changes.

I do not remember that they sent me soft reject for a bad design, only hard reject. On videohive they send soft reject only for some technical errors in the template. And by the way, your similarity with that project, as for me, is already the reason for the reject :slight_smile:

I created that project half of year ago…
Soft rejection is not only for tehnical reasons, once I got an animation - was soft rejection cause of bad camera movement
I animated camera normally and reapload it once again and gained approval!
So every things that can be changed like color, camera animation, speed of composition can be reasons for soft rejection!

did you get a chance to revise and resubmit?

No, I tried to resubmit it with changes, but like I already wrote - they send me a message that if I will submit that template without significant changes I can be banned!