Hard reject! Why? Please help!


Does anyone could tell me, what is the reason for hard reject? Publish it as Motion Graphics, and added AE project with special recorded sounds on the recorder. This is not my first project, and I can not understand the reason:

looks old.

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Old… What do you mean? Thanks for feedback.

it means the graphics look like they are from 2008.

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Do you think, for example, it looks not old? https://videohive.net/item/realistic-fireworks-pack/20397628


Just let it go. Create some new projects or leave envato …
Trust me - this questions… they are meaningless.

Of course, I will let it go and will create new projects. But also I want to improve my new projects, and as Envato suggest to ask the Community Forum for feedback, I do it.
I hope that may be someone, who have already been through this stage, will help me to understand, what is wrong. Because it could be some technical problems or there are too much similar items on Videohive… and may be it could be something else…

Similar projects? They’re probably from 2009, no offense but your project is technically old.

My suggestion would be to open a ticket with support if you have a question about a rejection. What you are doing right now is not constructive, and can lead to further action being taken against your account, which nobody wants to see.

You may not believe it, but we’re here to offer constructive advice regarding certain approval/rejection decisions. All you have to do is inquire via the proper forum, which in this case is by opening a ticket with Envato Support.

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I understand that it’s not constructive, but humans are not always constructive because of emotions, in other case the world would be way different, probably in a better way.
I feel like I regret writing these comments…

  1. Why not to write at least a sentence on why an after effects project was rejected. It won’t take much time, and it is good for the reviewer to write his reasons in terms of concreteness of decisions making. And it is good for authors, because that can improve quickly on next project and generate money for both parties.
  2. I didn’t know an author can open a ticket. How this process goes, who reviews a ticket/project?

This question has been asked many, many, many times in the past. The simple answer is that it’s not logistically possible for the review team to offer advice, or issue a custom response for every single rejection. In most cases, a rejection is a bit more complicated than what can be expressed with a single sentence.

Each reviewer inspects dozens of AE templates per day, and it’s simply not realistic to offer individual advice while keeping the queue within the 4-7 day window.

Because it’s not impossible to offer specific advice to every author, this is why we ask authors to request further explanations if they feel the need to know why their item was rejected.

In the case of a rejected project, typically the reviewer who inspected your item will offer a response. All you need to do is open a ticket with Envato Support, and it should find its way to the most appropriate team member.


But, what for example with this project?

August, 2017! And there are many similar items from end of 2016!
So, may be it’s just luck that they were approved, or may be my project worse…

But I opened a ticket with Envato Support already and I received an answer, that “we suggest that you check on the Community Forum to gain suggestion from the authors of Envato Market as they have already been through this stage” and this is not a response from the reviewer who inspected my item. May be I done something wrong with a ticket? Of course, it could be really constructive if reviewer will write more feedback even in this ticket with Envato Support.