Unable to reply to the refund dispute Message

I’m trying to reply to the refund request I have raised earlier but I’m getting the following error.

Please fix it.

Is it from Envato website?

Yes, it is from Evanto website

You should be able to reply the email. Have you tried?

Clear your cookies or use your browser’s private mode.

No the email is from do not reply

Already tried that.

Try with another browser

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I’ve uploaded one more screenshot for better understanding.

I have cleared the cookies and also tried in a different browser but still get this error.

Apparently it is due to server side issue. please check with your server team and get it resolved.

It’s working fine for me. If it was a server issue we would see a lot more reports on the forums than just yours.

These types of errors are usually due to cookies or browser plugins gone awry, hence our suggestions. The fact that you’re seeing it across browsers doesn’t necessarily rule this out.

Can you try it from another device (like your phone)?

You can open a ticket with Envato Market Help and Support but they’ll likely just walk you through the same steps across several days.

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Forget the 413 error because the point here is that your purchased and then downloaded an item from this seller. Clearly you have experienced some issues, and made a request for a refund.

The author then declined your request and offered support assistance using a link:


If you now wish to raise a dispute then you can do this then:

You need to click the link

Follow the tracking link you have received in a refund request confirmation email. It will take you to your refund form where you will see a ‘raise a dispute’ hyperlink:


To clarify as well:

What does “413 Request Entity Too Large” mean? A 413 HTTP error code occurs when the size of a client’s request exceeds the server’s file size limit. This typically happens when a client attempts to upload a large file to a web server, and the server responds with a 413 error to alert the client.

So it would depend on the size of the attachments you tried to upload :wink:

This will once again lead to the same page where i’m having problem as stated above.

@ 123Simples

The file size is less than 4 mb


I have cleared the cache from the browsers, used different browsers and also tried to upload using my phone, but I get the same error.

Is there any alternate way to reply to them?

Hi @rbprakash25,

You have already raised a dispute after the refund request decline, right?

If yes, I think you will not be able to add any more reply there. But Envato can ask you more information if required and then you can reply to that request.


Ah, I think I understand now! I was confused because the links you were posting were converted into “sign in” links by the forums. “I can sign in just fine!” :sweat_smile: – apologies for the confusion.

You’re attempting to raise a dispute and to upload an attachment from the dispute form, correct? If yes, then something is definitely wrong, and you shouldn’t be seeing that error for a 4MB file.

If I’m correct, please open a Help ticket at https://enva.to/help to report the issue. Make sure to clearly state that it happens when you upload a 4 MB attachment in the “raise a dispute” form on the refund page.

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Your understanding is right. I have to reply to the dispute.

Just upload the file to the Dropbox or somewhere else and add the link.
If you’re required to add files, just create an empty one (3-4kb)