How do I raise a refund dispute

I have requested a refund for a purchase and the developer is refusing. I can not figure out how to raise a dispute

Please open a Help ticket and describe your situation. They will be happy to help.


The link you provided takes me to the “Request a Refund” page which I have already done. I keep hearing these terms like “raise a dispute” or “Help Ticket” but no where do I see anything that allows me to do any of that.

Is that a joke? I keep seeing this response to others but I don’t know what it means or how it is supposed to help…

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The page I linked is in fact a page to open a support ticket. You may need to scroll down past the “open a refund request” banner.

Have you been to that page?
Please tell me where on that page it says anything like “raise a dispute” or “Help Ticket”

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Okay so I’ve [“Submitted a request” - “For Something I’ve Purchased”] which were to only options available that even vaguely resembled “Raise A Dispute” or “Open A Help Ticket”. So much for transparent and smooth experience, it would be nice if we could use consistent terminology here. I’ve wasted so much time with this already it’s hardly worth the refund, but maybe that’s the whole idea??? Now lets see what happens…

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once the impression experienced bad will not go for it. so please revert back the amt. and when you give kind of service u need to be polite with customer and requirements need to be clear to customer. what ever amount he or she pays what kind of work u provide. everytime if u ask customer and he trys to solve issue does it make any sense to u. like as per the given requirement i have given uid and pwd for login but later asking for Hello, please send password for your envato account. I need to login and activate theme license which i did from my end. when u have the details u need to do the configuration setup but i dont see that and customization work with wordpress asked so immediately 50$ u pay then i ll do is this kind of professionalism?

total amount i have paid 90$ service and 71$ for the product if u want u can suspend the licience for the theme i shall delete it and i can make my own theme and revert back the entire amount. and i shall again give u the login details for just trust revert the changes so it would be clear.

I have submitted the request for full refund. no reply i have got related to refund.

how to get the full amount as i am not satisfied with this work. Mainly i didnt liked the way they operate.

Only the author or support can authorise refunds

Assuming that you filled out the relevant form (info here then that is the best course of action.

If the author does it respond in 7 (working) days then you can email envato and ask them to look at it

I has been a day yesterday i had purchased and the experience which i had faced i feel very sad with the service. So i dont want to opt with it.

please can any one help me with fast process

As above - if you have completed the form linked in our last post then there is nothing further to do.

No one else in the forums will be able to help or accelerate this.

I have raised the ticket but no one is following up i see ticket i see " You don’t have any refundable purchases" message which doesnt make any sence. It is very hard to get touch with support people too

Date Purchased : 20 September 2020

Job ID : 210230

this is the job id details

i have purchased a theme: 69$
with some extra items like below.
Express WordPress Installation: $50
Extra: Performance Setup $20
Extra: SEO Setup 20 I am very much disappointed with the work they have done. and i disliked the behaviour with the author service given, initially they have not asked me detailed requirement nor used anykind of smart technique for taking up the requirement. I have setup the key for evanto in generating code. And i had raised request My question was i am preparing this site for two sessions like, one would be course like c, c++, java, python, C# and so on.. another section would be only programs witth C, C++, Java, C#, DBMS and so on. SO can u differentiate those two sections and make them as coming soon. Later they have mentioned If you need help to add your content, please write brief what I should to do and I can do it by 50. what the hell is this i dont know.?
when i had raised the dispute? the author mentioned i will do the job for 20 is that the professional? see below chat Myself Sep 20 2020, 4:47 pm Thanks you did all blunder and this is not worth taking up. i am not at all impressed with your service. i have already paid a lot and you had just done the basic configuration. which i can also do. by getting amoount u r asking more to do the worth. childthemeSep 20 2020, 5:06 pm Hello, what help you need now? Cancelation RequestedSep 20 2020, 5:07 pm DisputedSep 20 2020, 5:12 pm childthemeSep 20 2020, 5:37 pm Hello, I can create course with name like you want and then add 3 lessons in this course from your posts. It will be cost 20

later evanto just closed the ticket stayting envatostudioSep 22 2020, 3:50 am
Envato Studio has resolved the dispute by finalizing this job. As a result all submitted work belongs to the buyer and the service provider will be paid in full.
If the customer is not satisfied with work or product the money wont be refunded to customer. I had also requested to rollback what kind of worst work has been done. i dont want the product anymore evanto mentioned that you have option to refundback but i dont see that at all. And i am very much dissatisfied with complete service.

Hello :slight_smile:

For Envato Studio related Queries, Kindly raise a support ticket here :