Envato Elements refund request

How did you get on with this? I have just raised an immediate refund as I feel I have been ripped off.

I checked that the item I wanted was available in Elements, subscribed, only to be told when I tried to download it, that it is only available to annual accounts.

Envato have 24 hours to respond after which I shall raise a paypal dispute for false sales material.

Hi James. Sorry to hear that! I’ve just moved this to a new topic, as the process for Elements refunds is slightly different to the Envato Market one.

Do you have a reference number for your support request? I’ll check in with our Help team to find out what’s happening to it.

For reference, all currently available Elements item categories are shown on the pricing page here, which breaks down the monthly and annual cost, and the item types available with each subscription type: https://elements.envato.com/pricing/

I am having the same issue here too and have sent a mail but nothing yet.