Need a refund. Dispute option NOT available.

Been 6 days since I requested for a refund. Author chose to ignore it - they’ve been replying to comments on their item but didn’t respond to my refund request.

I already contacted Envato support but they’ve been very unhelpful. They said I need to open a dispute on the refund request page, but this dispute link does NOT exist. They sent me this screenshot: but there is no link near my “Reply to comment” button. I am sure I am not the only one having this problem as there are several other threads about the same issue:
How do I raise a refund dispute
Cant raise a dispute on refund request

This is really ridiculous… can someone help me please?

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Hey there! I’m sorry you’re having these issues! As far as I am aware an author cannot ignore the refund for more than 7 days, afterwards you can proceed in opening a dispute. Cheers!

Ugh… which is it really? 5 days or 7 days?

Envato’s automated response when I submitted the refund request: “If you disagree with the author’s decision or don’t get an answer within 5 days, you’ll be able to raise a dispute through the above link so that Envato can review your claim in line with our refund policy.”

Envato support rep (ticket): “I’ve checked on the status of your refund request and can confirm that it was created last April 26, 2018, which has already passed 5 business days.”

Forum mod: “author cannot ignore the refund for more than 7 days”

You are correct, it is 5 days! Let me tag @KingDog and @BenLeong to this thread. They are staff members and maybe able to assist you further with this matter!


Thank you.

Maybe this is a stupid suggestion, but have you tried clicking on the “raise a dispute” link shown in blue in your screenshot? Some people seem to miss that this is actually a link.

Edit: my bad thought it was your screenshot not Envato’s… nevermind then.

Envato Support sent that screenshot as a guide mate, that’s unavailable to @gyk . That’s the issue! :slight_smile:

That link does not exist for me. I only have the reply button on that page. No message that says I can open a dispute, let alone a link.

Still no response from the staff here, despite the fact that the tagged staff member had responded to another (newer) thread. Still no response to my ticket. I feel like this issue is being purposely ignored. Envato support sucks!

Hello @gyk

Please check also the email your received in the beginning, when you opened the refund request. You should find the link to raise a dispute, also in that email.

More info here:

Also, if possible, please attach a screenshot of what you see when you navigate to your refund request page (where you see the status of the refund request)

Also, please note that you can receive better support regarding your payments/account.refunds if you continue the discussion directly with Envato Support & Help team here:
Envato Help and Support


Good news: After 7 days of waiting, I was finally able to raise a dispute. It does look like the dispute option only becomes available after 7 days and not 5 days.

Bad news: Customer support is making me wait AGAIN because they want to contact the author first. And this is despite the fact that the author never responded to my refund request. Was it not enough to make me wait one whole week?? This is ridiculous.

Curious if this was ever resolved for you? I had to go through the same exact process and now Envato has stopped replying to my emails. I requested a refund 12 days ago.

Yes I finally received my refund after waiting for weeks.

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I have the same problem. I purchased a theme on themeforest, Envato told me exactely what they told you. Worst : I did review the theme based on my experience, it was accepted at first but two days later, they removed the review. I’m pretty sure Envato is trying to not refund my purchase. And the author gives me bad excuses like “update PHP to 5.6 to fix the bug” but I already run PHP 5.6. He also told me logins I gave him did not work, and then he told me he has a headach. That’s just crazy…
Something is going very wrong in Envato and I’m very, very angry at Envato and the author for being so dishonnest. I don’t have a lot of money, I try to make a good website to promote my work and I put all my money in this theme, and here I am, with a lot of PHP errors on my website and no support at all. Shame on Envato…

I have raised a dispute request and still waiting for respond.
But there is no email or no reply i have recieved.
Infact, i didn’t know where i can track the dispute request.
I am not able to find an option. this is rediculous.

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Hey @softnetworld you can get in touch with Envato Support Team they would like to assist you with an official answer.