Raising dispute Envato

The email says I can raise a dispute to Envato after 5 days but there is nothing to raise on the dispute with the author. How can I raise a dispute to Envato from the dispute with author page?

Dispute is only available for the items you have purchased but have you tried to solve your problem with the author? Just curious, what is it about if it’s not related to the item?

This is about a theme I bought but as the theme was not working properly on the backend, I have to go for a refund on the same day, no response from the author about the refund from last 5 days, but there is no link to raise it to envato even after 5 days.

What’s the problem with the theme? Don’t get me wrong but if you’re asking the refund as the same day you have purchased, it actually gives the idea it’s not related to the theme. All of the themes has different structure and it may take a few days for the users to get used to the back-end.

Did you check the theme compatibility and supported versions?

Sorry but I’m not here to explain anything what have already done to the author. I am here to see why the link to raise the dispute to envato is not available.

Because, the author has to reject or accept the refund request. Usually they have rights to review the request within 5-10 working days. If you still haven’t got a reply by that time, then you could create a ticket at Envato support.

If you contact Envato support directly, most likely, they will tell the similar thing as the refund requests need to be proceed through author review first.

But again, requesting a refund at the same day with the purchase raised the questions - you’re ignoring to request support from the author, contacting the author, etc. as well as the theme you’re installing may not be compatible with the latest version ( if stated ) that you’re not eligible to get the refund.