How do I really contact Envato if not getting any reply?

I started a refund request with Envato because my downloaded product was not working as expected and I already had tried contacting product support, but got no reply from them. Envato opened refund request by sending my issue to the product support and as per instructions, I should wait for 5 days. I waited for 9 days, but still did not get any reply from product support. As a last resort, I escalated issue to Envato and opened a dispute. This dispute is open, but I am not getting any reply from Envato about status. I can see my comments and dispute info under my claim, but can’t do anything else. Is there any other way of contacting Envato where I can ask about my refund claim? It just seems an automated system, where no-one seems actually looking at my claim and I find no way out of it if I am stuck. Please help.

Envato will need to contact the item author to confirm few things. They are offering the author up to 7 working days to respond. If there’s no respond, Envato will decide the situation. Just be patient.

In case of need to create ticket, you can use the link below:

They need 5 business days for dispute as explained here (over the weekend and on public holidays support team doesn’t work). If you need further help from them you can submit a request here.