Tuts+ Learning Challenge Feb 2019 - pledges and goals


Hi @CloSyd2019 lovely, I think for a start a free theme is fine. They are still tres chic! :wink:


I was always try using plugin for google map. But this time getting start google map with handwriting code with learning from Tut+

hope will finish soon with well coding


Hi, I’m Bec and I work in the People Team at Envato!

Outside of work, I’m a competitive cyclist and have a little side project that is trying to encourage more women in Melbourne to race bikes. I’d like to start doing some vlogs at events to share with everyone and I have no idea how to do this! So I’m starting with a beginner course in Professional Vlogging to wrap my head around the basics. https://photography.tutsplus.com/courses/professional-vlogging


Hey @beccovington , lovely to meet you! Can’t wait to check out the vlog :slight_smile:


How is everyone else going with the projects? I am about to “binge” on my course, How To Make A Pitch Deck In PowerPoint, will report back! If anyone has some drafts / practice projects they’ve been playing with so far, would love to check it out :).


Great work! I started my programming course and have done a few lessons. I haven’t started my background courses into what it means to become a programmer yet but maybe I’ll use your encouragement to start it now :smile:


Bit late to the party here #movinginterstate

But I am in the process of deciding between the tuts on offer. I am leaning towards something to do with video editing as I have my own (amateur) youtube channel. How to Record Travel Videos seems really interesting… watch this space!


That’s really exciting. Good luck with it! Let us know how it goes and what we can do to help. :slight_smile:


Am I the only one here who hasn’t been able to decide which Tuts+ I’d like to explore? :cry:
Everything looks interesting on my eyes. Maybe I’ll start with learning to make a poster with Photoshop :joy:


I guess that’s a good problem to have :smile: Making a poster sounds like a fun one to pick.


Thank you. I really enjoyed the videos. I hope I can be more experienced to take this kind of job. I had also created a thread to discuss the topic.

Would like to hear your updates on your Feb 2019 the Tuts + Learning Challenge !

Hi everyone, I created a new thread about a new youtube video I am going to try and make. Would love your input if you have time :slight_smile:


I saw four of your recording which are all interesting such as highlight something which can not say in chronic illness. and you looks confident when made the video, just one recommendation, pls put subtitle on the bottom of the video cuz some audience are not English speakers.just my personal opinion. :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:


Subtitles is a great idea, I will have to look into that.




This is great! I found all the videos interesting and very informative.


Hello, mu name is Juananmin Zheng, my major is media practices , it is my last semester. I am very happy to be this member, I am very interested in photoshop, but I don’t know any use of this to make. I will learn about adjusting colours, masking, retouching, and manipulating images in photoshop, it is good way to improve Adobe Photoshop skills.


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