Tuts+ Learning Challenge Feb 2019 - pledges and goals


@Alice537 what a great choice! Good luck. Would love to hear your learnings on this thread.


Hi guys, I am relaunching my Cognitive Coaching practice (like a software upgrade, but for your mind), and this year I want to do talks for groups and work with some bigger clients. Thus - this course jumps out to me:

How to Make a Pitch Deck. I am going to refrain from saying I’m a technophobe, but rather… I have limited experience in this realm. Usually I get my boyfriend to do it for me! So, think this will be challenging and fun.


Thanks a lot Mia ! I have appointments this morning but will try at noon here (10 pm for you)


Hey Mia,
If i am capable to do it, you too much easier !
Would love that you give me tips about InDesign when I come back to Sydney :))
Happy New Lunar Year :heart_eyes:



@voldey I think we could help each other, may be :slight_smile:


Hi there,

I have started the Tuts… Thanks to @ben.leong, I have chosen SiteGround as an hosting provider.
I wanted to go through the Australian version but a registered number of company is required (?) whereas no need for French area.
My Domain Name is : FrenchCloSydney.com (I wish it could have been .com.au)
and I am here now:

They also proposed me to take this:

And i did it (for privacy and for scanning in case of piracy) but was it really necessary ? If someone knows, I am interested in…

I am going to try to create my first page, NOW.

By the way, could someone explain to me what really means ‘themes’? I know the translation in French but I don’ understand the whole meaning here, for WP.

@BenLeong when you say start a new “diary” style thread for updates or join an existing one… what does it mean ;)) ? Is it here i am asking questions or another place?

Chat you soon :smiley:


Great work! I think Ben means you can start your own New Topic (button at the top right of the forums) for your learning journey. A place where you can ask questions and share your progress :smile:


Thanks @KingDog :smiley:
The thing is : I have this image at the beginning

I don’t see new topic (or i might have missed it)

I am struggling for the choice of a theme… Some said it is better to pay for it (rather than for free) because there are more possibilities. Do you guys have some ideas about that?

I have just done that (with the 2017 theme): a title and a photo…

I might change tomorrow (the image is just a try)… just a first start!

I am done for today, will chat soon :slight_smile:


No worries. You just have to go into the category area here - https://forums.envato.com/c/project-making/envato-courses-and-tutorials


Thanks @KingDog :+1:

Found it!

@alltheBeautifulMECO6942Team : Do no let me alone there !


Hey @CloSyd2019,

Is that helpful for you?

I think you can good guidance!

Best Regards


Yes, thank you @unlockdesign
I am already on one of them, but i would like to ask the possible experience of some users here.

Thanks a lot!


I think you will get help about WordPress theme list from there(Forum)
About guidance? not sure!
there is lots of expert that’s true but customization guide not sure about that (Expert are always busy).
you have to touch with Tut+ tutorial help and witch WP theme want to use premium from Themeforest ?
you can this way i thought



Thanks @unlockdesign


Thanks so much @aber2977 ! I’m not sure yet, I think it’s more personal motivation to start and do. But if we could all share our progress and updates, that would be really inspiring. :slight_smile:


@CloSyd2019 hehe yes definitely, would love to see your updates! :slight_smile:


Hi all, I have previously worked in events, therefore I’m interested in learning about how to make a flyer, https://design.tutsplus.com/courses/how-to-make-a-flyer/lessons/standard-sizes-and-dimensions. I would like to learn about making flyers for different events, specially art and recreational events, and I hope that by the end of the course I can make cool flyers.


I’d also recommend checking out our Learn JavaScript guide—designed to help you navigate through all the JS courses and tutorials on Tuts+.


I’d also highly recommend our learning guide on how to use WordPress—designed to help you find your way through all the relevant WP content for people getting started with the platform.