Youtube Q+A on chronic illness..

Hi everyone. I am putting in to practice some of the skills i’ve learned in tuts through making youtube videos.

I am filming one that answers questions about living life with chronic illness (I have a chronic liver disease).

Would love some question ideas from the people in this community. What would you want to know or what do you think would make for good viewing?

My channel with past videos is here, if you’re interested



Looks great and very good information. Nice enunciation and your personality really comes through :grin: I think more videos on what a person can do to help someone with a chronic illness would be great, too.

Thanks @KingDog . What sort of questions would you like to see answered in a Q+A video about chronic illness? (No question too silly!)

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To be honest, I hate anything that becomes awkward :joy: So know what to say and offer would be kind of great. I get embarrassed by saying things like “let me know if you need anything”, I’d rather have some practical and specific to offer or talk about. So do you think you can make me less awkward?

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I get you @KingDog ! So maybe a good question I could answer would be things like

“What should I say to a friend with chronic illness?”
“How can I help someone with chronic illness?”
“How can I not feel so awkward around someone with chronic illness?”

Do you think that would be good?

Hope you feel better <3
With all love and wishes, Samara

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Sounds perfect to me :grin:

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