Would like to hear your updates on your Feb 2019 the Tuts + Learning Challenge !

Hi envato community,
As we previously discussed our goals in the Tuts + Learning Challenge Feb 2019 thread. I wanted to ask how everyone is going with their course?
Has anyone produced anything they wanted to show/ share to others (if you have I would love to watch them)?
Any difficulties you’ve faced? or
A new thing you’ve learnt? (I would love to hear your stories and progress!)
For me personally, I’ve realised that making a Wordpress blog takes more commitment and cost than I’ve previously realised and wanted to thank @unlockdesign, @mgscoder and @charlie4282 who’ve taken the time to answer my questions in the other thread Wordpress Domain. But I’ll unlikely keep going with it for now and instead work on my photography with this tut Design Fundamentals instead.
I’m glad though that I tried and know for next time when I am ready to start a blog to really commit and have the technical skills to create and maintain it.
That’s my experience so far anyway, please share your stories below and let everyone know how you guys are going :slight_smile:


Hi @voldey,
I think it’s a very good idea what you’re asking for.
Personally, I have learnt that I was capable to initiate a WP blog, and actually it was far easier than what i thought.
I have also learnt that you need commitment to do so in a regular pace, and i would say this is the most challenging part for me… because I am just coming back now to keep going on my tuts and the blog.
Regarding the moderation part (even if it is not involved in your question), I am still reading messages, trying to understand what’s happening, and with no idea… of what’s actually happening :wink: !!
Another thing too is i wish i could have received notifications whenever there was a new message in which we were all involved, because i found it difficult to follow our common stories here… but may be there was something to do to implement that… don’t know!!
Actually, time has been very quick, with many solicitations outside from here… but i really would like to thank you @BenLeong, @KingDog, @AlltheOtherOnes, @Moderators and the @Envato team as a whole to have supported us, and take on their own time to give us some try here. Personally, i would like to continue (the tuts process) because i am not sure to be so familiar of all what happens on Envato… so the apprenticeship may keep going for me.
But before starting something new, 3 major questions: what is your real motivation? What is the real time you can spend on it (per day, week or month)? Do you have a direct use of it right now?
For me, these are key success factors to achieve something through the tuts…and my personal ongoing questioning :wink:
Would love to hear about the stories of the other ones @MECO6942 :grinning:


Great idea @voldey

I have been trying to to focus on creating youtube videos for my youtube channel. I had previously made some but have lost a bit of motivation. This has definitely helped me come up with some news ideas and editing styles. I also want to go on a road trip and film a travel style video. I had been putting off trying to do vlogs, but think it is a good way to connect with an audience.

As you can see, the videos I have been doing are a bit rough around the edges, but I’m feeling inspired to try new editing techniques. Here are some older videos I’ve done. Just Keep Swimming - YouTube

I’ve also learned, kind of like you with Wordpress, that it takes a lot of time and commitment to create this kind of content. I am drawing up a content calendar this weekend (once our subject is over and I have time to focus a bit more on hobbies).

I am making a Q+A video as a way for the viewers to get to know a bit about me, and my life living with a chronic illness (that’s the theme of the channel). I have put out requests for questions on twitter and Facebook and also just created a thread in this community. Feel free to contribute a question and I can answer it in the video!

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Hi @voldey, great discussion here.

I personally haven’t done much so far. I’m not even sure if I’m doing this assignment correctly since it always seem like I can’t catch up with the forum.

However, I have been learning poster making in the the past few days and it was very challenging for a not-very-creative person like myself. Most of the time, I screwed even in the smallest task like ‘how to pick a font’ because I somehow pick ones that aren’t matching with my poster. I feel like I need to stop trying now because at this point I know my right brain won’t listen to me lol. I’m more into numbers than visual or creative thingy haha.

In term of moderating, just like @CloSyd2019, I did try to follow the discussion in some threads but I’m more like a ‘silent reader’ and I didn’t dare to hop in there because… I just didn’t know what to say to be honest.

Yea so that was my story. It’s a great learning experience indeed.