Do I need a different domain to host my new Wordpress blog?

Hi envato members,
I am trying to make a new wordpress blog and am currently learning from A Beginner’s Guide to Using Wordpress, but I don’t understand why I need to host it on a different domain. Is it okay to just create my blog on wordpress?
I am really new at this, any help/ information would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hi @voldey ,

That’s true you must have to purchase Hosting for your WordPress blog site.But if you have already hosting that you can use just create a new folder/sub-domain for your new site no need to purchase a new domain.
Hosting as a live server like your pc there you can install your software or apps.

Let me know do you have any other question.


If you need to run your blog as a domian as like then you have to purchase a domian if you already not purchased. If you already purchase a domain and want to run your blog as a subfolder as like then you can run wordpress and setup your blog by creating a folder yourblog. If you want to run your blog as subdomian as like then you have to create a subdomian and setup your blog into subdomian. Thanks

It depends if your hosting currently is with

If it is then only certain packages (typically the expensive ones) allow for third party theme installation

If your site is with them then you either need to update to a suitbable hosting package OR setup new hosting elsewhere with either a new domain or by transferring your current one.

Thanks so much @unlockdesign, @mgscoder and @charlie4282. If I’m just experimenting at the moment, do you reckon the $4 per month “Blogger” word press plan is alright to use (or is this not an option?), otherwise what are some other cheap/ free options?

No it won’t work - you need at least the £20 a month option to be able to install third party themes

Look at somewhere like HostGator, Blue Hosts etc. all of who are cheaper and allow you to install what you want.

Bear in mind that you get what you pay for so the absolute lowest cost may not be the right option

Hey @voldey,

I have an opinion suppose if you start blogging at $4 per month total yearly $4*$12 = $48
then you can purchase this hosting from here Unlimited total one year a domain & hosting $26.44+$12.88 = $39.32 Yearly Maximum.

Hosting unlimited bandwidth from here

Or if you want to purchase expensive hosting that’s different.


Thanks @charlie4282 and @unlockdesign. I think I am slowly getting it now, so it’s better to use a separate host than self-host because it’s harder especially due to my lack of tech knowledge (e.g. security stuff) and there’s limited options on Wordpress. Thanks so much I’ll have a look at the domains you guys have advised and choose the best option for me. :slight_smile:

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