Freedom and Restriction -Think about being a freelancer-Tuts course

Being a freelancers sounds very cool and exciting since you do not need to deal with troublesome bosses and annoying supervisors who keep changing their minds and require you to modify your design again and again. Most importantly, you do not have to spend time on the way to the company or follow strict 8/5 routine. In a word, you are the manager of yourself. That is why I choose the course Freelance Bootcamp

Thanks James Clear (2012) for so many useful suggestions for how to introduce yourself, develop business network, find ideal clients, negotiate with clients, deal with legal issues, and succeed in your own business. I did gain lots of information from the videos. However, now I find that freelancer means not only being free but also restricted. Although most viewers can understand every word of Clear, few of them can really be successful as a freelancer due to the limitations in the actual resources. For example, a young man from poor background who has few working experience can hardly get a quality business network and good clients. It is not easy to manage everything by yourself. Hence, it is a bit risky to become a freelancer.

It is just my opinion. I think I am now still not powerful enough to be a freelancer. Now I very admire the freelancers because they are so brave and determinate. Maybe I would try to be a freelancer in the future, after I had enough resources and became experienced.

What do you think?


I really enjoy the flexibility of being a freelancer. As long as you have a reliable internet connection you can work.

However finding a reliable connection when traveling can sometimes be a bit difficult. Particularly in airports. I once spent a day in a mall In Osaka trying to have meetings since the nearby MacDonald’s didn’t have WiFi :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I also love being a freelancer. I am one since 2011 and now I can’t imagine working 9-17 again in a building, struggling with deadlines and office papers…I am simply in love with the freedom you get as a freelancer.

Sometimes as a freelancer you find yourself doing other jobs than the one you want, but that’s fine for me too :slight_smile: I am a programmer since 2000, but I also work often on video projects for a video studio, so when there’s no WiFi, I edit videos on the laptop in a parking, in a station, etc and I find it funny. When there is WiFi I switch back, so basically I have the freedom of doing what I want and what I like.

And being able to take a walk in the park at noon, instead being in an offfice building… is great, this is a prize you get as a freelancer :nerd_face::man_technologist::woman_technologist:


Yes. That is why wireless network card has been so popular. Wifi is important for a freelancer.:thinking:

You are right, sometimes we have to do something we do not like before getting what we want. That is part I think is “restriction”. But eventually we can learn more from such experience.
You find it funny? Is it beacause you feel relaxed and get sometime to look around? I admire you that you can focus on your work even if the environment is noisy or sometimes crowded.That is interesting! And I think the flexible working hours allows you to take care of your families at home?

Definitely! :hugs:

Yes, I find it funny and relaxing exactly for that.

But what I like most about being a freelancer is the freedom.

The freedom to choose what and when to work. Sometimes you can feel a bit lazy, then you can work something easy, while tomorrow, if you feel energized enough, you can work on some advanced tasks/projects. And also, when you feel tired, you have the total freedom to just take a day off, without getting a permission from the manager - or to learn something new :slight_smile:

The freedom. This is the main criteria for me.

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