Immigration as a self-employed person

Hello. At this moment I’m searching the possibilities of immigration to Canada. The main option is the immigration as a self-employed person. I have really high score due to education. But there is a point that bothers me. Namely, the confirmation of working as a freelancer. I’m 100% Audiojungler and for the last two years this is my only and basic income. Is it possible to get an advisory letter from Envato that would confirm income and experience? Thanks for answering.

I suppose you should ask Envato Help Team about it, @SummerLoops.

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I’d be very surprised. Your bank or Paypal statements will be your best bet for proof of income. And officially… would you be classed as a freelancer? We’re all self-employed individuals (aside from those who are company setups) but it’s not like we’re independent contractors who are hired by clients for specific contracts*. We create products that we sell, or license to be more precise. Not sure if that would have any affect on the application process, but it’s something to consider.

(*Sure, some people are actual freelancers in addition to what we do on Envato, but I’m on about just when it comes to Envato.)

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Also, I don’t know where you currently live, but your AJ earnings won’t match the cost of living in Canada. I’m sure you already know and have something figured out, but you know, just in case.


I thought about this option. But the rules indicate that the best option is the “Reference letter”. This letter should be written on the letterhead and in accordance with the requirements. Typically customers write such letters to freelancers. This is the best method, which would not cause questions from the inspector. So I think, can I get this from Envato.

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Yes, I already checked. Earnings are sufficient for one person’s immigration.

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I doubt you would get such a letter from Envato.

All countries are of course different - you would have 0% chance to immigrate to the US, but Canada seems fairly easy to move to.

It usually comes down to money, and how they can benefit from it. If you have enough money you can immigrate to pretty much any country in the world.

Having only modest AJ earnings is quite unlikely to be enough, as the risk of them dropping substantially is very high. And thus, the risk of you not being able to support yourself in Canada is high. Not something they’re looking for.

Anyway, i don’t think you’ll get much useful information here. The only way is to actually talk to the people in charge in Canada.

And furthermore, 1400 sales since 2012 would mean being homeless fighting to survive, barely having enough to eat, unless those sales all happened very recently. And half would be gone in taxes. Unless you get 250-300 sales per month I wouldn’t even consider it, if this is your only income and you’re not already financially comfortable.

If you have $100,000-200,000 in the bank it might look better.

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Yes, it’s really risky. I have not yet understood how freelancers pay taxes, but if it’s half the earnings, then this is bad. In this case, my sales will not be enough.

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By the way, you have really nice high quality music, and I wish you the best of luck!

Taxes can be a bit complicated, especially when self-employed, and of course the rules can be VERY different in different countries.

I’m not from Canada, so I don’t know how it works exactly, but in general, when you’re a freelancer/self-employed, you should pay social fees/corporate tax and the regular personal income tax. It might not add up to 50% in Canada, but 30-40%.

So let’s say you’re getting 300 sales per month. That’s 300 x 0.6 x 19 (example at 60% level) = $3,420.

Let’s be conservative and say 30% tax = $2,394 left for expenses.

That will get you a small apartment, a gym membership and food, but not much more. At 200 sales per month you would almost be considered poor, struggling to make ends meet. One bad month with 100 sales might mean losing your apartment.

Of course it depends on where you live. Outside the big cities it might be cheaper, but then you might need a car, which you might not need in the city.

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While here in most Southeast Asia (except Singapore) 100 sales every month can get you quite good life even for one family :smile:


In Singapore it won’t let you leave the airport. :grin:

In the end it’s all relative, and what kind of expectations you have.

If you want a house, two cars and 2-3 kids, 100 sales won’t be enough anywhere in Southeast Asia. But if you just want to survive and get food every day, absolutely!

I also suspect quite a few people “forget” about taxes on this type of income. :wink:

It also depends on where you grew up I suppose. If you come from a rich country, you will probably not consider “just surviving” to be your goal. If you come from a poor country, being able to “just survive” might be a great end goal.


Thanks for feedback, I try to do my best, but sometimes time spent on the creation does not justify itself :slight_smile:

I agree with Flumen…you have excellent quality tracks. Great work, and good luck on your future efforts!

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Thank you! I just didn’t expect to get feedbacks about tracks. Wish all the best to you too :slight_smile:

@SummerLoops Do you find any solution? I am also worried about this. Thanks :slight_smile:

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