I quit and I need a new job

In the last year I be part of a startup. But the money is not really good and the rush is constant. These things and some personal issues make me quit.

So now I need a job…

Can you live from graphicriver as the only one incomes source if you are not in the top ten sellers?

Or …have some of you a job to me? :smiley:
Profile here http://graphicriver.net/user/fluxtory/portfolio

hi buddy sad for u indeed , even if u also have to be conscious that crazy and continuous deadlines , as well as countless working hours, not to mention also often disappointing money are the very characteristics of this designer work and i am not even referring to all the people who know nothing about this job and who think that u are a puppet with no brain , no talent and no skills and who also think that all u do is too expensive no matter what as long as u do not work for me (which is happening very often in all cases)

well as for me i tend to believe that aren;t many people being able to live from this marketplace if u ask me … last time i saw my raking in the dashboard , they said u are 938th which is basically not so bad, especially for a guy who is far from running full time this marketplace and guess how much i get? about 35$ per week. I personally do no know who could live with something like this and most importantly where , especially when u consider all the things that u have to pay for at the same time: tax, electrics, bla bla bla bla … a great variety fo things. Basically what these figure of rankings inspire me this is that unless u run full time, u upload tons of items daily and spend a great deal time promoting all your stuff , this si very difficult to earn a decent amount enough to live out of this place … unless u are in a dream country that probably doesn’t exist anymore lol where all is cheap and where u can live comfortably with a restricted amount …

if u ask me , if u really wanna do this, i advice u to shift to TF at least u will be in the place that Envato is favoring , the place where prices are the best and the place which is the most promoted … unless do u , u have to make huge volumes of sales and earn tons of bucks to rely only on the marketplace …

sound advice, dont know why people get so excited to sell on graphicriver.
the only people that earn is envato. take an elite seller, say it took 2-4 years to become elite. how much money does that really equate to weekly? not very much.
n2n44 has quite good sales considering his only doing flyers and look what he earns weekly, yet he has had over 1400 sales…
its a rip off here IMO, no money of significance to be earned here for most of us.
theres another author here user name “flyermarket” has over 78 items really cool unique items. go look at his sales. i bet his earning no more that 15$ a week. piracy and envato greedy fee’s . there is no more here
just to recap, there is no more here for most of us and i would forget graphicriver and concentrate on VH & TF but that isnt easy.

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As a top monthly author, a top weekly author, a Level 6 referrer and Level 6 author who has been here for six years, having himself and his items featured… I think there’s nobody better to answer your question than yourself!

How much do you make a month? Can you live on that? If not, how long would it take for you to double or quadruple your portfolio? Could you live on that, double or quadruple what you’re getting currently? Could you survive for the amount of time you’ve estimated it will take to get to that point? (not an exact science… doubling your portfolio doesn’t automatically mean doubling your sales, but just as a rough example)

I don’t want to know the answers to these questions, just so you know… these are just questions that you should ask yourself.

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hi Scott, all what u said makes much sense (even perfect sense) and probably resulted from a a real analysis indeed and i fully agree with u indeed . This is true, no one can know better than he does what to do for his own good , according to his own situation and all situations are sort of unique, in a way. However , he also turned out to ask us a point of view , probably because he feels not sure in the end , and this is how we all ended up sharing our point of view on the subject actually, but even if we tried to help things will be in his hands and he will have to make his decision …

Absolutely, but any stats or personal anecdotes people can give are specific to that person in question. Like if somebody asked if it was possible to make a living from selling music, and Elton John, Miley Cyrus and Cotton Eye Joe come along saying that they’ve made millions… it could give a bit of a skewed view of whether it’s possible or not.

Aside from ability (which it looks like the OP has from looking at his portfolio and badges), I guess it boils down to how much time and effort you want to put into it. The less you are earning from Envato, the more time you have to put into earning money back in the real world, so the less time you have to work on increasing your earnings on Envato. But when you get to the point where you can survive purely on your Envato earnings, then you can invest all your time and effort into increasing your earnings on Envato and it starts to snowball.

I guess the standard advice would be that Envato is not the place if you’re looking for a quick buck, and if you need money quick then you’d be better getting a job in the real world… but it is a place that you can put in the time and the effort, and build a solid foundation which could turn into much more than just being able to live off your earnings. That’s the way I see it anyway.

I hate to get off the subject of whether you can make a living doing Envato stuff, but does anyone have ANY idea what can be done to make valid capital outside of just having a job? My job doesn’t pay enough and I don’t have access to a second job since I take public transportation and wouldn’t get to another one in time each day. I’ve run out of stuff to sell on ebay, FOREX never worked for me, I’ve been trying to sell music for the last five years and nothing came from it, and I am NOT looking to do anything immoral, conniving, or illegal. I know I’m not the only one in this boat.

in fact i have to say that i agree with u on part of what u said , especially as regard to the fact that this place is certainly not a get rich quick place and that there aren’t so many guys who can make it only with their run here …
considering me as an example was rather a good choice indeed i am the kind of person was has a fair ranking and kind of honest sales here … i am not a killer author with huge sales (i do not belong to this handful of people who cam make a real living out of sales here …) and i do not make huge money to say the least. On the other hand , i could have an honest run here , especially for someone who started promoting items just a couple of months ago and who did without it beforehand … I am also a coherent example as i am someone who could have decent sales roughly 1600 sales in a bit more than 2 years and a half , which is honorable in my view. Let’s face it we can all dream of striking big here but not so many people can really do …
As for me , as i mentioned, the money that i make is just decent pocket money and if i wanted to transform this in a decent salary , i would have to multiply gains by 5 or 6 at the very least … which is quite a challenging thing … a “bet full of uncertainty”, not to mention that there are good times and bas times just like in any business and that this unstable side of revenue is not really encouraging people to try to live only from their revenues here …
u are also right @solowork, this is really difficult to make consistent gains unless u find a special niche or that u belong to TF , which is being favored and “worshipped” here as if nothing else mattered … as this is also the place where u can ask bigger amounts and depend a little bit less on volumes
u also made a point as regard to surrounding things actually making things even harder … like piracy for instance. For instance , i had a few flyers dealing with themed evenings who had been way more downloaded illegally than they had sold here … so basically i had very little sales here when a guy selling on a pirate site had managed to sell my stolen item a good number of times …, . Needless say that the site had considerably decreased my gains with the concerned items … and this is also what we all have to deal with and also part of the things that prevent us from possibly living from a place like this … (whites also sad to think about when we consider the kind of price that we sell our items here … they are really cheap …).
Besides, let’s face it , no one is of no help for us all when it comes to these sorts of issues … if we have been imposed some new fees because we sell to the US market and so on, and that we had nothing to do out of it but accepting to have our money being reduced every time we sell a product. Paradoxically, on the other hand , no one is helping to protect our rights and the concerned sites after u report them are still making it months after their activity has been revealed
I cannot agree with u on another issue, to be honest … there are sone guys , in top authors categories who could strike big and who make really big enough money so that they can get a living out of what they do here … the thing is that they are really not numerous as not only top authors and elite authors are not that numerous but to have the mentioned gains , they also must not belong to the category of people who once used to have really huge sales when the whole marketplace started to take off … . Nowadays the game has changed and rules also in a way …
the things is that there are more and more players all the time and ether si nothing but uncertainty because of this … a girl who is a top seller here once told that this was too bad that i did not join something like only 2 years before i did and that i would have made really big sales at the time when she also admitted that all was much much more difficult now , ether are so many guys in town nowadays and this is hard to get noticed, hard to sell and also ultimately very hard to raise big amounts of money and this is how i would not really advice anyone to get to run exclusively the marketplaces unless they are really sure to be killers and that people have guaranties that they sell much
the last thing that i did feel like commenting was te thing u said as regard to making sales here … unlike what u said this is still possible and unless u really want to move to VH or TF as u mentioned , u can still make decent sales and Gr is still the best place to sell a great deal of digital / print-bound products (since rivals are still way behind at this time … ) . Besides this is how this unfair to have TF prevailing over all the other marketplaces here , because believe me if u consider the global sales linked to GR envato must raise absolutely incredible amounts from GR items and authors. Besides , one of the thing that u mentioned is true , fees here’re really huge and a big percent of authors’ gains and this is not helping to depend on sales here to generate a genuine salary …

u definitely made a point that makes sense Scott and i understand what u are trying to express, however try to think about it all points of view can bring a “possibility to the table” … this is very unlikely that all the things get to confront each other …

to take the kind of example that u used , try to figure this out , it is like someone cannot say that u can live out of music and u start considering the kind of examples that u gave … they all managed to do indeed. By the way Cottoneye Joe was by the way a pretty good example … . They made a huge amount of money out of one song … but try to think about it how many guys managed to do just this? there has always been tons of guys who worked very hard in the music industry and early surprised out of playing music as well … u can see guys with a huge talent make it in the big time for long u can see some guys get into the legend with one music , u can see talented guys never making it , as well as u can see some with talented ones with just a fair career , in other words all is possible , u can find all kinds of cases , no matter what u consider

u can say that again indeed … the fact of the matter is that many “passion jobs” are just horrible when it comes to paychecks … believe me, if there weren’t so many people confronted with the same kind of situations, there would be really less people here for instance … probably starting with myself lol this way i would have some more relaxing moments sometimes lol

That’s what I’m saying. If just the people who have made lots of money say “yes, you can make loads of money here”… then it doesn’t take into account all the people who don’t make loads of money. And if all the people who don;t make loads of money come along and say “no, you can’t make loads of money here”… then that doesn’t take into account all the people who do make lots of money here! So any responses the OP gets will be skewed based on who chimes-in in this thread.

The only accurate answer would be that some do and some don’t… that’s why I’m saying the OP’s personal experiences are probably more indicative of what’s possible, than others’ experiences.

I guess it’s safe to say that there’s no living left to made in music at present. Maybe there may have been 20 years ago, but millions of songs on the internet nowadays with millions of authors trying to make it means that they have flooded the market to the point of no return. If I were to ask how one supersedes the millions, they’d either give me ideas that don’t work, or they won’t tell me for obvious reasons - so I won’t bother asking. I’m just trying to figure out what can make someone a net of $1000-$1200 a month.

I never worked full time for GraphicRiver. That is why I am asking points of view.
If you close your mind and just need your own vision you are missing so much.

Sorry if I’m sincerely but …If you don’t have answers to my topic, why are you arguing here?

Guys, my main question / topic is simple. Why are you distorting it with another issues?

Hi dude

I’m thinking to learn about front end developer to do thing to TF. But is not my field.
I love do graphics, no code… so, I’m not completely sure about TF. Maybe with a partner…

Well if you want a plain and simple answer to your question, then yes, it is possible to make a living from GraphicRiver even if you’re not in the top ten sellers. Whether you will make a living is a different matter, but it is possible.

who is arguing? no one as for i know …

that would be the best way to get consideration from envato and potentially a good way to make more money. Nevertheless, as for what i could understand, u do not have experience yet in this field so basically it may also take u much time to be influential there (in TF). The problem is that if u wanna depend on marketplaces to earn a living u cannot afford waiting for having the appropriate experience so that u can do really well there … this is the story of the snake trying to bite his own tail …

if u have to partner with someone it will also be less beneficial that it could be and in the first place u have to make sure that u are working with a big shot that u have a good partnership with her or him and that this is still beneficial enough once u have to share gains … (especially that now all is getting harder when it comes to partnerships, with their additional processes here)

same goes in everything then … all is always getting tougher in all activities , that’s a fact. However , sone still manage to live out fo it so basically anyone can still dream on doing all the same … but u are right this is more and more difficult … besides all these marketplaces things and so on have highly contributed to make situations more difficult to all of us as this is bringing much precocity to the table … it hurt agencies and independent / freelance workers as well as many people buy from websites rather than paying higher prices with professionals as it used to place before marketplaces were given birth to …

as for your question, u can still do manage to make the kind of money that u mentioned but just like in the past u need networks and so on or otherwise need to find a real niche and make the most of it with out people realize about it lol much of a complicated issues in the end lol

Well sure, the whole thing is a race to the bottom now. I’d like to know what Envato’s connections happen to be to clients who purchase anything here. I wouldn’t mind speaking to a few of them and asking them if they’d want a composer to routinely write stuff for them for a negotiable rate.