New [Weekly] Freelancing Tips Series!



Hey guys!

Some of you might remember me from the marketing series I shared on the Envato community blog:

Well, last month I started a new series dedicated entirely to helping freelancers grow their business. I share strategies, techniques, helpful tips & tricks, and talk about my philosophy behind launching a successful freelancing career.

Since I believe many of you guys are in the freelance game, I thought you might like to check out the most recent posts, and signup to the weekly newsletter if you’re interested (I share a new post every Sunday).

Here’s a list of my favorite posts so far:

Hope you find this helpful!

See you around,

How to be found?

Amazing! Thank you very much @AmigoProductions!! :slight_smile:


:+1: good job, @AmigoProductions!


Amazing! @AmigoProductions!! :slight_smile:


Thanks @SnailMusic, @rgba_design & @WildLion_Production :blush:


Hey guys,

Just wanted to share my latest post since I think it’s an important topic: