Trouble upload Image Preview and Thumbnails for Icon Packs - somehow the sizes change when I upload

I am trying to submit a set of icons and I’m stuck in troubleshooting mode. I keep getting hit with the same error:

  • Image Preview is required
  • Thumbnail is required
  • Image Preview must be 590px wide, but provided image was 2152px wide.
  • Thumbnail must be 80x80px, but provided image was 269x285.

I’ve gone back into the base files in AI to resize but for some reason when I upload it, Envato is readinf the file size as larger than it actually is. I can confirm the files ARE the correct size (80x80 and 590x700) but Envato is readinf them as much larger than this. Any help here would be appreciated. I’m stuck in an endless loop here and nothing seems to be working.

What are the dimensions in the file browser?

Have you tried using Photoshop to export the images?


When I open it in the AI file the dimensions appear to be correct.

I will try exporting from Photoshop instead of AI and see what happens - thanks for the tip. Will report back.

I know that AI will sometimes include objects outside of the canvas area in an image export, perhaps this could be what’s happening.

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yes and if u export from this there is the option to check so that the file sticks to the canvas size … otherwise the file will include all, even the things that turn out to be outside of the “official” document size …