Preview Image 590px in 2021?

Hi guys, really struggling to figure this one out or to find a resource on it.

Basically the submission process requires 590px wide preview images and even 80px for thumbnails! This seems incredibly low res for 2021.

I followed submission guidelines suggesting higher res images but they always get rejected.

Any ideas on how best to approach this?

Thanks in advance!

hi what u have to figure out is that it’s been like this for years and that this definitely super hard for this thing to change for it would mean that all existing items would be resubmitted in order to match with changing requirements if they turned out to change. Needless to say that the thing would be a real ordeal handling …

I really hear trouble to believe that resolution issues are the ones for u to have items rejected … how did u come to this conclusion? as for I know, until recently technical issues were not leading to hard rejections but I am conscious that this has changed without anyone is informed with blind links … so maybe a new “way to do”

Cheers, it was more about the initial submission acceptance criteria requesting the 590 etc. when I posted a double size HD version, based on an Envato item submission guideline they wrote.

This article suggests a res I’m happy with but it gets rejected. Item Presentation Requirements – Envato Author Help Center

  • The cover image must be provided at these dimensions at the minimum:
    • Cover images must have a 3:2 aspect ratio
    • Recommended Dimensions: 2340px (W) x 1560px (H)
    • Minimum Dimensions: 1170px (W) x 780px (H) - aspect ratio 3:2

Uploading multiple previews in addition to the main files is a kind of madness.
Forget about Envato and go to other stock agencies.

lol never seen anything like this going on personally , I think I know no one to do such dimensions … if u wanna make sure, just click on new items , click on previews and see what u can find there …

I randomly measured the file from a guy in my feed and the preview image 590x700 something like this … so the bottom line is that this is confirming that I do not know what these measures u found are coming from but in practice no one does this ,besides, I doubt that a rejection - I mean a hard one - could be given to u out of failing to comply with a technical thing, I may be wrong, as things are changing sometimes without we are aware that they did but I do not think that u can get your item binned for this …