Questions about thumbnail and help file

Hi…I’m relatively new here. Everything I’ve sent in so far has been rejected. I just recently made some Christmas backgrounds and themes, but I am a bit confused with the thumbnail that we are supposed to upload and the help file to be included. I know this thumbnail question is pretty dumb, but when I look at files that people have sent in, I see a thumbnail of their envato name, but no other thumbnail. I just wanted to see that I’m making them correctly. I use images or text from the project I’m uploading. Is that correct? If thats right and use the 80x80 size, then I’m not doing that wrong. Also, with help files. I always read and reread what they want in these files. Like with the backgrounds I’ve made, I understand we put a font name and url if its one we’ve downloaded. I get that with PSD files, there’s layers, smart objects, etc. to explain, which I have done, but with a jpg image, there isn’t really much to explain. Am I supposed to be writing what I do, or welcome the customer or just directions on how to use the files. Help files are the most difficult part for me, but I also realize these should look professional with directions or whatever we’ve used. Am I forgetting something? I just want everything to make it easier for the customer…but, what exactly is that? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

For the thumbnail, it should be something that represents your item at a glance, it’s the little image that appears on the marketplace homepage, so it needs to stand out as it will be placed amongst many other items.

I wasnt aware that a help file was required as I’ve always included one anyway. For that I try to cover some of the different issues someone might have, and how to use/install the item if necessary. If your item is just a single JPEG image, then maybe just confirm the item(s) that is included, what the resolution is, and maybe some tips on how to properly scale it if needed.

Does your rejection email specifically say that these are the issues that got your items rejected?

Thank you so much Xiox for answering! Now I know what they are talking about with the thumbnails. I went to the page you was talking about and I saw them. Since I’ve not had anything approved yet, I didn’t know about this page. Also, its not just a help file, but a file needs to be enclosed with directions. I think it also may be called a text or readme file.
Thank you for the idea on help file. The rejections are either about rastorization or not good quality to continue. I just wanted to make sure I was doing everything else correct. I’m trying to do what I can to help get work accepted. Hopefully this next bunch will go through. Thanks again!

No problem.
Also feel free to show us the items that have been rejected, that way we can try and give you some ideas on what you could improve. The reviewers aren’t able to give very detailed explanations about rejections due to huge number of items they have to go through each day, so here on the forum is the place to get some feedback.

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oh, okay! Will do :slight_smile: