Newbie Hard rejection

not sure why i was hard rejected. maybe the thumbnail was too low quality? does everything have to be high quality, even the thumbnails?

Screenshot_7 Screenshot_6

I uploaded a couple more images of the full product in case this helps with your comments.

Yes, of course everything needs to be high quality, the thumbnail is the first thing most people will see that draws attention to your item. People arent going to take you or your item seriously if it doesn’t look professional, and they wont want to buy it. Since people can’t actually use the item before choosing to spend money on it, you have to rely on your thumbnail, previews, etc. to sell your items and get customers on board.

Also, a low res thumbnail likely isnt the cause for a hard rejection, for that sort of rejection, the problem is probably the item itself.

I was thinking people could just download the image then since it is high quality and not have to pay for it. If this is the case, I don’t think Envato is the place for me to market. I refuse to upload high quality work images that can just be downloaded for free. In fact, that is very poor design in a business sense and opposite of standard practice here in the U.S. I have been scammed by users who have taken my work because I gave them high quality previews and then they refuse to pay. Currently in a court battle for such contract issues. Anything I submit will be low res. If they want full res, pay for it and download.

Your icons doesn’t have consistency. The outline weight need to be the same for all icons. Also the graphic style is not the same for all.

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You have a max width of 590px to display your item, and the preview image is automatically covered with an Envato watermark. So the icons themselves wont be very big, and pretty useless if someone was to just screenshot the preview. The quality of the preview images and thumbnail should be sharp though, not pixelated/blurry, that’s just bad practice, since this is a marketplace, not client work.

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thanks. didn’t know about the watermark

u are right the consistency should be the same and i would like to add that this has to be in a general way lines are too thick in some cases and prevail over the overall shape this far or the other way around they are a bit too thin and are hard to see …

Love you guys!
also some icons have different color! lol

For me some icons are just so complex! The icon needs to stand out from miles! You have to do your own “surgeries” to the nature itself to achieve it! lol

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