rejection of uploading items, problem with pixelated thumbnails

Hello great designers,

I am seeking some help in this community as I am new here as Author.
I started uploading some work I have done, unfortunately soo far non of them get approved. My concern is that thumbnail picture are not in required quality, I tried so many ways how to make it 80x80 with no pixalization but still doesnt work at all, even email I got from approval team, logo of my thumbnail was almost no readable.
I will attach my last work. Other question I have some work waiting for the approval already 8 days, is this normally waiting time for logo to be review? I will appreciate any feedback or guide from more experience designers as I still need to learn a lot.

Thank you very much

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here is presentation picture of my last rejected work

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Refer to this topic, hope that can help : How do I make 80x80 thumbnails in Adobe Photoshop?.

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They’ll tell you if there’s something wrong with your thumbnail from a technical standpoint, and then your item would be soft rejected rather than hard rejected.


Thank you for your reply, I have tried also this way, but when I start to zoom in I can see how image is pixelating
Maybe I can attach picture of the thumbnail so you can see if the quality is good enough and also if someone could give me some feedback what I am doing wrong in term of quality standard thumbnail 80px

Many thanks

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hi , your problems are certainly not linked to thumbnail as @SpaceStockfootage mentioned . i have personally never heard about a hard rejection for technical reasons by the way, if there is something wrong with the way u prepared your item, a soft rejection will be notified and u will be given the opportunity to fix the thing and repost so that the item gets approved ultimately
for me your problem is not there but rather in the fact the presentation does not sell and has much things to deal with … so for the presentation , titles are not outstanding , things are not aligned with each other, colors are dull and the choice of font is basically not efficient as font combos are simply not working
for the mockup itself, sorry to say just this but this is too simple and i dare say the as regard to this fact , the commercial potential of your item is rather low, so why , in a way, would reviewers approve an item that they would be almost sure to have close to no sale? the issue with your mockup is not the mask itself that looks good if use me but rather the shadows, the background , the lack of making sure that masks are popping out and being much valued , since this is what a mockup is all about in the end, having a realistic-looking presentation of a product and a way to make the item look outstanding and this is where u did not really manage to reach the target so to speak … as i mentioned i like what u have done for the mask part but look, if u offer a set backgrounds variations are of course welcome but having the mask in different angles and so on is probably even more important in th end …

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Thank you very much for your expenation and your honest feedback I realy appreciate it. I am beginner in graphic design industy but atleast I tried, and also those are one of my first uploded work. I will do my best to get better and then thinking about placing products on the market, but everything is good school.

Thanks again

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If you zoom in on anything enough then it’s going to look pixelated. As the image you’ve posted here is 100% scale it doesn’t look pixelated. It’s not the best choice of images though… text should be avoided unless it’s just a few short words here and there. I can read Face Mask fine and I can just about make out editable, but everything else is pretty pointless as it’s too small. Just use one face mask image so people can make out what it is, maybe with slices to show different styles. But that won’t be why your item was rejected.

keep doing your best and being opened to what other people have to say , u will improve gamely in lighting quick mode :slight_smile: if u have enough clues as to know how to take your game to the next level, just click the "solution " box :slight_smile: