Preview Image and Thumbnail Too Dark

Hi guys,

Just wanted to check if others also encountered this kind of problem?

The preview image and thumbnail looks very dark in color and different from what I have uploaded.

I tried re-uploading all the contents: zip, jpeg thumbnail and preview image and I get errors.

I don’t know where to ask. I’m still awainting for the reviewer’s response from my message.

I hope it’s fine to post this problem. If not, kindly remove.


Same problem here!! :((

Is that newly approved item?

It seems like we’re not the only ones. I’ve looked at some preview image and it looks a bit dark and some are normal.

Yes It was approved 3 or 4 hours ago :frowning: Hope they can solve it soon…preview images are horrible like this.

Any news? I tried to contact the reviewer but I’ve got no answer at the moment.

that is weird. you should definitely contact envato through support. This is more likely a support thing!

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Same. Still no response from the reviewer. :frowning:


When reuploading you need to change the name, or it might just load up the original one again.

So instead of “Nordic Icons”, make it “Nordic_Icons”!


Thanks for the tip! I’ll try this out after I hear a response from the reviewer. :smile:

Same problem for my last 2 items. But not all authors having this issue, this is really weired.

You should try to contact/message your reviewer as well.

I tried to contact both the reviewer, and the Envato support but i still have no answer.
Someone has been luckier than me?

I just reuploaded the images and now everything is ok for me :slight_smile:

There’s no response as well. I guess I’ll have to do the same. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello! The thumbnails of my latest uploads are very punchy! The contrast and the saturation are pushed to the limit, even the original file is not like that! Anyone official response from staff?

there’s no response from them. I did what Cromio suggested: reupload the files again and it worked. :smile: