Trick or Treat flyer rejected

Does anyone know why?


hi I like it, this is cool but the problem is that u messed things up with the text part if u ask me ,… there is a whole lot of problems related to typo in a general way … Contrast - which is a super big deal and impacts readability, hierarchy and attention given to elements - chosen colors, the disposition and the environment where they are being placed indeed, there is a whole lot to do when it comes to all texts , if u ask me ,… Let’s face it, at this stage , the main text is rightfully being a bit ire outstanding and the footer text which is indeed just a secondary information … so this underlines that u have a major issue here … not only should u take the “z-shape reading process” into account but also the impact zone that’s the concerned process is determining. For me that would be better to have the “trick or treat” on the cauldron in more or less a “central element”. Bewtiched party is either superfluous or not given the right size and attention if considered as the “sub title”. This is not springing out enough. The header text is not really coherent there if u ask me , for branding matters. Either u place this item in a more visible spot and environment or u just take it out and put the name in the footer a bit bigger than the rest so that the club can be valued. October 31 is not super readable and does not really look aesthetic as such. There is a matter of alignment between collections of texts spread a bit everywhere so that the eyes get lost in the process of looking for the information. I also understand that u did for originality matters but honestly having the “free parking” crossed with the hand of the skeleton makes it close to impossible to read so that u can wander if this is really useful to have it .//

I will change the typo and give it another try

Well i changed the thing you gave in your feedback.
Let’s hope it been approved now.


hey buddy :slight_smile: the positioning of trick or treat is better though I think that u did not handle teething properly yet in my view … here is what i would have done if I were u, I would have pushed the whole design up … after al who cares about having so much dead trees and so much blue mist … u could have a more compact header and have this the main title not covering the cauldron entirely, what is too bad … besides, the footer zone graphically speaking is not so much of a big deal … this is pretty dark and, if a little of it ends up being “eaten” by the main title, who cares? so push top the whole design but the idea trees so u have still have a bit of it , take out the header “blabla bla resents” this is not efficient out there for branding reasons anyways. Turn the date in more classical font so that this is more readable and imbricating the rest of the design, take out live music so and out the bigger bat there , turn the grey bullet into green color as the round bullet and turn bewitched in white color, put back the green color in the main title and but emphasize it with an outer glow, take out the green gradient bullet from the footer and this should be it, the item will reach the next level if u ask me :slight_smile: u have a cool base, with these changes no doubt that the result is better again

Thank you very much N2N44.

I made all the changes you have noticed.
He is in the queue now.
Hope it be accepted.
I have check the solotion box.

yeah buddy , I cross fingers for u there was a really cool base , hopefully this can make it indeed, not sure u can sell well so much in advance for halloween but at least u will have tome to promote :slight_smile:

I don’t care if it sells or not but i want to get the motivation back when flyers been approved again.

lol u can’t say that because if the reviewer ever feels like the thing is has low potential may simply decide that the item is not making it … now I understand what u try to explain, all the same, no other solution than trying to do our best and offer as great quality as possible

This is the final one. It is almost been reviewed. Lets hope.


many thanx N2N44.