Transfer My Purchases To Someone Else?

I have some scripts etc I have never used. Is it possible to get them transferred to another users account?

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Short answer:: No!

Thanks that’s a shame really!

According to envato rules you can transfer license to another person/client without any problems. You can’t transfer the item to another account.

4.You can create one End Product for a client, and you can transfer that single End Product to your client for any fee. This license is then transferred to your client.

Transfer to another person or client? is that not the same as transferring to another user account?

Not same. If you transfer license to client or another person, they can use product. But they depends on you for getting updated product.

Ok I see what you mean. I have some scripts I purchased which I have never used, was wanting to sell them cheap but pointless if I have to supply the downloaded updates. Who’s going to want to purchase… No one!

The “You can create one End Product for a client, and you can transfer that single End Product to your client for any fee.” is based on you using a marketplace item to create an end product, and then you sell that end product to a client.

You can’t just sell on the source files or the license. So an example would be if you’re hired to create a website for a client, and in the process of making the website, you have to buy plugins or images or Wordpress themes, and you install then and configure them to make a final website. The client pays you and then you send over the files and the license. You’re not allowed to just send over all the files ‘as is’.

You can’t resale or re-distribution.

Oh ok thank you.

okay I sent them the files over but need to supply him constantly with the downloaded updates, hence causing massive additional workload for me. Can you please elaborate on that issue. Thanks

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I too am awaiting the answer to this question. I see now that I should have made my client get an envato account to purchase they’re own template. How awkward is that? And now, since I bought it on their behalf, I am stuck doing all the updates (which was not part of the original scope of the project.) I’m hoping we both get a good answer to this quandry. I’m sure there are a LOT of us out these with this exact situation. Thank you for posting.

The answer will be that this is simply how it needs to work, and is unlikely to ever change.

Short of a slight inconvenience, unless a ‘developer’ is not being transparent about the work being based on a template, then there is little reason for someone to not ask the client to buy the file.

In actual fact it helps by eradicating any confusion or issues around who purchased/is using the license.

There are several reasons why allowing the transfer of downloads is not allowed, primarily because of no matter how genuine some buyers and their clients may be - changing how this works could be exploited by less scrupulous users - which owuld not be good for envato, authors or buyers alike.

It’s not exclusively a challenge here and is same with all digital marketplaces e.g. iTunes, GooglePlay etc.