Theme (Product) transfer

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Hi, iv come across this (years later- apologies) and hoping someone could help. I have the same issue - however i have no objection with the client knowing it is a template etc. How can the client or new developer carry out theme updates?

Envato has plugin that allows to get the auto updates but it’d be tied up your account, therefor once installed, the person would be able to access everything you have purchased.

They will need to purchase a new copy with their own account to get the updates or you’d be getting the updates and sending them time to time.

Yes i know the plug in, I don’t want iT tied up to my account. If the new developer makes an envato account and purchases the theme - how can they install their version of the theme without losing the current website?

New developer should find a way to solve the problem as if you’re referring to theme/template.

If it’s about the license, contact the item author for the license change.