Transfer previously purchased theme to a new account..

I am not sure where else to post this message as i see no support email or phone number so here goes…

I am taking over a website who’s Wordpress theme was purchased on Themeforest through a developer who no longer works for my client. The developer bought the theme on her personal account and will give permission for it to be transferred but does not want to give us access to her account.

I need to renew the theme and purchase support so we can fix this site. The serial number for the purchase and all other information I have.

Please advise me how I can transfer this to a new account in the name of my client.

You can’t transfer the item in terms of getting access to download updates etc.

The original author can transfer the license to “use” the theme (the would need to guarantee that it is no longer being used now or in the future anywhere else) but not access to the downloads.

The easier option would be for you (or preferably the client so they don’t end up in this situation again) to buy a new license/copy of the theme. That way there is access to the theme, updates etc. plus you would get 6 months free support.

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Okay thanks so much for your reply. I was starting to think that is the only way to go.

The thing is though, the theme is fully developed with the current license on the live website. If we buy a new license how will we implement that on the current live website without overwriting the entire site?

It depends on what customizations were made etc.

In theory if the original developer only used standard features etc. then an update shouldn’t create a problem but you would need to be sure about this and probably best to check with the author of the theme too

What i mean is, if the active theme is associated with the old serial number, how will the developer push the updates for the new serial number?

It really depends on the theme and how updates are managed but if you have a fresh copy then the author will be best to advise how to execute the process.