How to update themes without envato account

Hello. Im freelancer. I and my partner make site for clients in themeforest template. All template was bought from his account and I have no access to it. Now I’ve lost connection with him. I’d like to update it to new version. What should I do? I need buy all template again?

Without their cooperation, then yes you will need to purchase your own license.

Updates are only available via the purchase account of via (in some cases) admin/theme options if your partner had inputted their license code to activate this

Either way it would be better if you or even better the client had their own copy/license

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In 30 sites 21 with inputted license code. Other we remove license code, because we dont want to update themes. Now I need update only 3 themes. I need purchase this 3 themes? And other themes if I dont want update it never, license code not needed?

It’s a tricky call - the 3 you want to update yes you will need a license and access to updates.

On the others - assuming your ex-partner has given over the license to the client and does not plan to use the theme elsewhere again then it’s technically ok but it may be best to assess each one on an individual basis.

This is why (for future reference) it’s always a good idea to get the client to buy the theme or item so that they will never have issues not being able to access updates etc. should they part company with you.

Ok, this 3 themes I purchase againe. Problem is that I’ve lost connection with my partner. Now I keep all licenses, even if I decide not to activate template.
Can I get some more problems without license code? Can the template stop working?

It’s unlikely - items should work without having to insert p/codes (unless you choose to voluntarily for access to features like auto-updates etc).

If in any doubt you can check officially with support or authors

Many thanks for help.