New update for a theme you bought for an old client..??

Hello, thanks for reading this!

As a freelancer, I have purchased many themes online, particularly here at Envato/Themeforest for using for clients’ web design.

For one-off projects/non-ongoing clients, what do you do when suddenly there is an update to the theme you bought yourself (for them/their website)? What’s the standard protocol?

Do you tell them and install/upgrade for free? Do you just ignore? Any feedback is welcomed!

You should let the client purchase so you can use and connect their web site with the API key so they can upgrade if you didnt told the client to purchase.

thanks! What if you want to purchase FOR them? should you still connect the api key or?

Why would you?

I cannot think of any good reason (especially as they do not even need an account anymore) to buy an item instead of the client - especially as (morally) they should be entitled to lifetime of updates and 6 months support etc. which is, as you are finding, very awkward for many freelancers to deliver

thanks for your reply. because it would be cumbersome to setup and account for them and for them to go through the process, plus i would actually pay for the theme myself as part of the “package”

is there a way to transfer the site license to the website owner? i’d be fine with linking the api details to the theme for updates, but wouldn’t that give them access to my envato/themeforest account?

No thats not an option unfortunately

They don’t need one - can just use a guest check out, and honestly I imagine the situation you find yourself in now is more of a headache.

To be fair a big % of developers just wouldn’t give the client the updates etc