buying license for client: is this the right way to do it?

If I’m building a client a website using a themeforest theme, and I want client to retain license, get access to updates, should I make them an envato account, pay for the theme myself?

Is this the right way to do it?

I’m keeping the billing with their address but paying with my PayPal which will have my billing too. Is that fine?

If you want them ot be able to access support and updates in the future then you need to have them buy the item from their own account.

Regardless of billing info etc the updates etc. will only be accessible from the account which buys it.

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Got it! So if I make them an account, buy it within their account (but I’m paying it myself with my Paypal) that is fine, correct? Thanks for your prompt response too!

Yes - although make sure you confirm the new account on email before buying items using it.

Ok, do you mean like when Envato sends an email asking them to confirm their email address?

When you open the account an email will go to the address connected to it which when clicked confirms it’s all real

This is a better idea.